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Jamie Moyer Signs Minor League Deal with Rockies

You wanted a Cyclops reference? Keep waiting.
You wanted a Cyclops reference? Keep waiting.

The great baseball Odysseus of our time, Jamie Moyer, is somewhere between the isle of Lesbos, the isle of Sirens, and returning home to the face that launched a thousand fly balls in his great 24-year journey. Or something like that. Jamie Moyer, almost 50 freaking years old, is a baseball warrior and he's getting one last shot:

  • Twitter / @Rockies - "Rockies and LHP Jamie Moyer agree to terms on a minor league deal, with an invite to Spring Training, pending a physical."
  • Jamie Moyer Signs Minor League Contract With Rockies - Baseball Nation
    "Colorado, as in Coors Field, as in the extremely hitter-friendly Coors Field. Coors Field is less hitter-friendly than it used to be, but that's like saying a rabid wolf with three legs is less dangerous than a rabid wolf with four legs. It's still a miserable place for pitchers, and Moyer is a guy who was a contact fly-ball pitcher before he had Tommy John surgery. So."
  • Colorado Rockies Offer Jamie Moyer Minor League Deal - MLB Daily Dish
    "The Colorado Rockies have offered veteran starter Jamie Moyer a minor league deal, according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post. Renck points out on twitter that Moyer is 49, and any deal would presumably take him through his 50th year on this planet, a thought at which all of us should bow our weakling heads in shame."