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Yu Darvish/Rangers Deal Reaction Blowout

The Texas Rangers signed Yu Darvish to a roughly $60 million six-year deal yesterday. Today, the dust has settled a little bit -- some are seeing the real cost to the team ($111M-$117M, depending on the source), while others are seeing the opportunity. Buster Olney in particular points out that with the $52M posting fee and the $60M contract, Darvish is not one of the most expensive pitchers of all time, but is the most expensive RHP in baseball history.

Then there's the details of the steak dinner that impressed Nolan Ryan (we're all hoping that wasn't really it, right?), the interesting information on the years of scouting the Rangers conducted on Darvish, and that pesky question -- "who else (and how many other elses) could they have brought in for the same amount of money?"

Here are some of the best reactions for this amazing megadeal, the fallout of which is still not completely known:

For Darvish, Small Shoes to Fill - Phil Coffin |
"According to, 38 Japanese natives have pitched in the major leagues (a few were sons of American servicemen). Only six of them have made as many as 100 major league starts, roughly three full seasons in a rotation. Only one, Hideo Nomo, has won 100 games, and only one, Hiroki Kuroda, has posted an earned run average below 4.00."

If Yu Want It, Yu Got It -- The Rangers Bust a Move, Sign Darvish - Lone Star Ball
"Darvish will reportedly wear #11, his number in Japan, but he is apparently not going to start on Opening Day, as Ron Washington has already stated that he expects Colby Lewis to be his Opening Day starter. Reasonably, the Rangers appear to want to give Darvish a chance to experience the major league game in uniform but as a spectator before throwing him out there."

Texas Rangers signed Yu Darvish to a historic six-year deal - Buster Olney | ESPN
"In the world of MLB accounting -- the assessment of payroll and possible luxury tax implications -- the $51.7 million posting fee won't count. Darvish will account for $10 million of the Rangers' payroll. But the total cost to the Rangers' organization is greater than any other right-hander -- more than Kevin Brown's $105 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, or the $103 million that Daisuke Matsuzaka cost the Boston Red Sox, or the extension that Roy Halladay received when he signed with the Phillies."