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Mets Invite Harvey, Dekker to Spring Training, but not Wheeler; Other Notes

Zack Wheeler. Not Invited. Yet.
Zack Wheeler. Not Invited. Yet.

Quick New York Mets update on the morning -- looks like the Mets have invited Matt Harvey and Matt Dan Dekker (anyone wanna bet Mom lost the bet on naming rights?), but not Zack Wheeler, according to Anthony DiComo and Andrew Marchand.

DiComo points out that Wheeler's non-invite over Harvey makes sense if you look at the age difference and experience above Class A ball:

  • Thursday Morning Applesauce: Madoff Trial Set To Start During Spring Training - Amazin' Avenue
    "The judge in the Bernie Madoff case issued a ruling yesterday which had several fairly major implications, the first being that any appeal on his ruling limiting the damages will have to wait until after the trial. I'm not sure exactly what to make of this news, but my gut reaction says it's a good thing that we'll get this trial moving quickly so that it can be resolved as soon as possible."
  • Mets Rumors: David Wright; Arbitration Updates; That Injury Thing - MLB Daily Dish
    Lots of juice for the Amazin's this afternoon, so let's jump in. Buster Olney is speculating that David Wright will likely be traded in July (if at all), the club made a few deals to avoid abritration, there's some front office/trial updates, and then there's that amazing blowup that Adam Rubin spewed out on twitter yesterday, apparently after one spin/denial from Alderson too many.