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Matt Garza Rumors: $10.2M Arbitration Request Complicates Trade Potential

Matt Garza's $10M+ arbitration request complicates potentially acquiring him via trade, according to Buster Olney and rival executives with whom he's spoken.

Garza was the only Cub not to sign before the deadline and filed for $10.225 million while the Cubs are offering $7.95 million. Olney's argument is the difference, and a potentially $10M salary change the scope of what teams would be trading for:

  • Twitter / @Buster_ESPN - "View of rival executives: Matt Garza's $10.225 million arbitration request greatly complicates any interest in him as a trade target."
  • Six Cubs avoid arbitration; Matt Garza still unsigned - Chicago Sun-Times
    "Garza, who went 10-10 with a 3.32 ERA last season, filed an ­arbitration figure of $10.225 million; the Cubs’ countered with $7.95 million. Whether Garza agrees to a deal before reaching a hearing next month, he remains a subject of trade speculation, despite team president Theo Epstein’s assertion that the club isn’t shopping him."