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San Diego Padres Notes: Payroll Commitments, Cameron Maybin, Carlos Quentin, Joel Zumaya

Some wondered why the San Diego Padres would want to trade for one-year of Carlos Quentin, rightfully so, but what if they view him as their right fielder going forward? In Bill Center's latest piece for Sign On San Diego, Padres GM Josh Byrnes offers an interesting and eye-opening view on the Padres team going forward. Let's take a look at the news and notes from the article:

  • The Padres acquired Carlos Quentin with the thought of a possible extension in mind, Padres GM Josh Byrnes said.
  • As of right now, the Padres don't have any payroll commitments to 2013 and beyond. The team also has many players in their farm system who can be contributors at the major-league level by then.
  • The Padres contract extension talks with outfielder Cameron Maybin may end up buying out Maybin's first two free-agent seasons.
  • Padres GM Josh Byrnes said the team is looking to buy in free agency now and could add a pitcher or two.
  • Free-agent reliever Joel Zumaya is high on Byrnes' wish list. Zumaya, a San Diego native, could fit perfectly in this ballpark and sign a cheap deal to reestablish his market value.

The reason I bring up the payroll commitments is because of what we see in the NBA happen regularly. Teams rebuild for years, dumping salaries and making sure not to commit more than a year or two for players. Then once they have cap space, they make their move and overpay for free-agents. Could we possibly see that happening in San Diego?

The Padres' farm system doesn't feature potential stars at the majors, but it may the deepest in the majors. Could Josh Byrnes be looking to add a star or two via free agency or trade, then fill them around with cheap, cost-effective contributors going forward?

It's something to keep an eye out for, I believe.