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Nationals: Favorite to Sign Fielder; Farm System Update, Bullpen Questions

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Add Tom Haudricourt to the number of credible sources remarking on the increasing likelihood that Prince Fielder lands with the Washington Nationals. Last week it was Jon Heyman, then Mike Rizzo, and now Haudricourt says "industry sources" (a clever way to say neither the team nor the agent) are telling him the same:

  • Twitter / @Haudricourt: I have been told that the ...
    "I have been told that the Washington Nationals have emerged as the favorite to sign Prince Fielder."
  • Nationals a favorite for Fielder - JSOnline
    "The MLB official I talked to wasn't sure the Nationals would go the eight to 10 years that Boras is seeking for Fielder, however. They might prefer to go shorter on the deal but as long as Boras is able to match or exceed the $25.4 million annual salary that Pujols is getting from the Angels, I'm guessing he will be happy."
  • Report: Washington Nationals Emerge As Favorite To Sign Prince Fielder - ESPN
    "At the moment, the Nationals have first baseman Adam LaRoche under contract for 2012, and team officials have publicly indicated that they intend to begin the season with him as their starter."
  • The revised state of the farm system - Mark Zuckerman
    "To be sure, it's difficult to pluck four top prospects out of an organization and expect there to be enough depth already in place to cover those losses. But the cupboard isn't entirely bare for the Nationals. There's actually quite a bit of elite talent still in the system, especially in the pitching department."
  • Washington Nationals: 2012 Bullpen Set Or In Need Of A Veteran Presence? - Federal Baseball
    "Having added Gio Gonzalez to the mix in the Washington Nationals' starting rotation, D.C. GM Mike Rizzo talked to reporters recently about the depth in the organization that allowed them to make the trade with the Oakland A's and about the competition there will be this Spring to decide which pitchers head north as starters and which end up in the pen."
  • Ken Davidoff On Prince Fielder, Ryan Madson, Expanded Replay - MLB Daily Dish
    Another possible suitor, the Washington Nationals, sign a Scott Boras client every year it seems (see: Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth, Anthony Rendon, etc.) and could be a potential landing spot for Fielder. However, the Nats are a bit gun-shy, according to Davidoff, after spending a fortune on Jayson Werth last offseason.
  • Washington Nationals Shooting For Prince Fielder? - MLB Daily Dish
    The Prince Fielder front has been mostly quiet, and the Nationals have been careful with displaying their interest thus far. While the team keeps putting water onto the subject, one Nationals player told Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, "We're in the market. We're still shooting for him.''