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Carlos Pena Contract Reactions Blowout

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Earlier today, the Tampa Bay Rays signed first base slugger Carlos Pena to a one-year $7.25M contract. It's a big chunk of money for the Rays, but the general consensus is that it's a solid move nonetheless, as they bolstered their lineup. Let's take a look at the reactions from around the web:

  • Carlos Pena Returns To Tampa Bay | Getting Blanked | Blogs |
    "A $7.25 million contract is a lot for a Tampa Bay team that’s normally beyond budget conscious. However, the addition allows them to boast one of the better lineups in the league against right handed pitching."
  • Former Rays First Baseman Pena Re-Signs With Tampa Bay | January
    "The move is a solid one for the Rays, who regain the big bat in the middle of their order that they were lacking last season."