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Saturday Evening Post: Yu Darvish Style Guide

How to Arrive in that "I Don't Care What You Think, I'm Getting $60 Million" Look

It's Saturday evening, the kids are in bed, and there's a college basketball game I don't really care about making noise in the kitchen. Like most sports fans anxiously awaiting news of Prince Fielder's landing and the NFL Conference Championships tomorrow, I'm perusing the latest men's style guide and to my delight, BAM, Yu Darvish.

Hey, Yu Darvish! He's international! I want to look just like him.

Here's how:


Is that a hooded down jacket, stuffed with 600 fil wool, snap-down fleece-lined pockets, concealed cuffs, all with a windproof nylon shell, to repel both rain and snow? Yes it is!


Is that a perfectly-loose pair of canvas dungarees (no belt of course), probably 34-38 to fit that mammoth frame, with convenient cargo pockets and pre-worn cuffs for that million-dollar-don't-give-a-fuck look? Yes it is!


Is that a perfect set of slightly bleached Japanese locks, off-set with a sideburn-fade-chinstrap-goat, accessorized with a surfer necklace? Holy hell, it is!

Let's not bother going over that godly bag, which nobody reading has enough money to ever consider, but let's just say that ain't no trashbag.

To the point, here's a man that knows how to dress, and he's clearly a trendsetter. Now, you'll never (ever) be as good at him at baseball, much less anything that his genetic lottery winnings will ever earn him, but that doesn't mean you can't match his style on a budget (surely less than a couple grand could get you the same look if you're willing to get used threads).

If you do it right, perhaps you can be the envy of others?