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MLB Complete Organizational Charts: American League

Rosters, Salaries, and Prospects for the Entire American League

They're a top-down listing of everything you might want to know about your club: leadership and executive structure, rosters all the way down to single A, salary information (where confirmed and available), team/player/mutual/vesting options, and arbitration details as well. Think of your favorite contract resource, mix in a dose of your favorite depth chart resource, add a good dose of steroids, flax seed oil, and/or your preferred PED, and BAM: MLB COMPLETE ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTS!

These are live charts -- meaning if you check back tomorrow you'll see updates as we get them. These are also a work in progress, so if you're an insider (or a really amazing fan!), don't hesitate to send us feedback and corrections. Together we can make and maintain this kick-ass resource and have something every fan can look to as fantasy season (and rosterbation season) begins.

See the complete listing of American League Complete Organizational Charts after the jump.


New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox

Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue Jays

Baltimore Orioles


Detroit Tigers

Kansas City Royals

Cleveland Indians

Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox


Texas Rangers

Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners

Oakland Athletics