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Prince Fielder Rumors: Dodgers Speculation, Hope

Whether it's speculation, hope, or genuine rumors is hard to tell, but it's hard not to notice the chatter around Prince Fielder potentially joining the Los Angeles Dodgers. Joel Sherman said on twitter this morning that he's hearing from rival execs that the Dodgers will ultimately make a bid for Fielder, and the LA Times has a piece advocating a Fielder pursuit if only to boost the value of the team for the eventual McCourt sale of the team.

That said, the last serious rumors we've been reading suggest that the Washington Nationals and the Texas Rangers remain the two contenders for Prince's service:

  • Twitter / @Joelsherman1 - "Stuff I heard and learned at BBWAA dinner: 1) surprising number of execs think #Dodgers will ultimately be in play for Prince Fielder"
  • Want to boost the value of the Dodgers? Sign Prince Fielder -
    "McCourt has more than $900 million in projected debt, and when it was first decreed he had to sell, the Dodgers were expected to sell for close to $1 billion. Now McCourt and his advisors believe the bidding could hit $1.5 billion. Would the addition of Fielder kill such a price, or support it?"