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Tigers Pursuing Johnny Damon

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According to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, the Detroit Tigers are pursuing free agent outfielder Johnny Damon. Morosi tweets that Damon is a "stronger possibility" than first baseman Derrek Lee.

Damon, 38, spent the 2011 season with the Tampa Bay Rays, where he hit .261/.326/.418 with 16 home runs and 19 stolen bases in 150 games. In nearly 2500 career games, Damon has hit .286/.353/.435 (105 OPS+), compiling over 50 wins above replacement.

As it stands, Damon and Lee represent some of the more obvious designated hitter options for the Tigers. A few days ago, our own Satchel Price looked at some of the under-the-radar options for Detroit to fill their void: Travis Snider, Brandon Allen, Adam LaRoche, Kendrys Morales, Carlos Lee and Allen Craig.