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Marco Scutaro Trade Reactions

Yesterday, the Red Sox traded Marco Scutaro to the Rockies in exchange for RHP Clayton Mortensen. Rob Neyer was nonplussed (FanShot). Let's check out what others from around the web had to say...

  • Marco Scutaro Traded for Salary Relief | Fire Brand of the American League
    "There is no question that the Sox traded away a valuable player in Marco Scutaro, but they probably didn’t give up much ground defensively overall, especially on days when Punto starts, and both Aviles and Punto should do enough at the plate to cover much of what Scutaro would have given with the bat."

  • Red Sox Decide To Get Creative, Eliminate Shortstop Position in 2011 - Old Time Family Baseball
    "After trading away infield-tweener and accident waiting to happen Jed Lowrie earlier in the offseason, the Red Sox are prepared to play Mike Aviles, who wasn’t good enough to start for the Royals, and Nick Punto who may be the grittiest (meaning white and bunt-happy) player currently in the Major Leagues."