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Prince Fielder Rumor Hysteria: Orioles, Nationals, Rangers

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The Baltimore Orioles have officially thrown their hat in the ring of the Prince Fielder sweepstakes hysteria, according to Jim Duquette. They join the Washington Nationals, which were rumored to be working a deal with him last night, and the Texas Rangers, which Ken Rosenthal suggests is on "hard" to bring in.

Jon Heyman says the once mediocre market for Fielder is now at four teams. With the Rangers, Nationals, and now the Orioles rumors coming out quickly, that leaves the Dodgers, Mariners, or Cubs as the mystery fourth team:

  • Twitter / @Jim_Duquette - "Orioles are definitely in on PF - it remains to be seen if they'll go to the "magic" number. But there's plenty of motivation to sign him"
  • Twitter / @Ken_Rosenthal - "Will be interesting to see how serious #Orioles are on Fielder. Duquette had Mo Vaughn in BOS. Angelos stickler for conditioning."