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Cincinnati Reds Sign Willie Harris to Minor League Deal

The Cincinnati Reds have signed outfielder Willie Harris to a minor league deal, according to John Fayman via twitter.

Harris, 34 this June, is a career .240 / .330 / .349 hitter. He's had 11 seasons in the majors, the bulk of which were spent with the Chicago White Sox and the Washington Nationals. He spent last season with the New York Mets, hitting right at his career average while making $800 thousand.

If you're feeling sabermetricky, check out his b-ref page and note that he's been at or below 1 win above replacement for the past few seasons, and dipped into negative territory for the past two (note that the minor league deal makes him an actual replacement player, rather than the theoretical sort WAR refers to). He's zero wins above himself!