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Diamondbacks Claim Craig Tatum

The Arizona Diamondbacks have claimed Craig Tatum off waivers from the Houston Astros, according to Keith Law via twitter.

Tatum, 28, is entering his fourth season in the Majors and has had stints with both the Cincinnati Reds and the Baltimore Orioles. A generally terrible hitter (.223 / .291 / .264 career), perhaps the Diamondbacks think Tatum can catch BP or provide a touch of catching depth behind Miguel Montero and Henry Blanco.

If you're feeling a bit chippy, go back up to that last graph and see if you notice two wonderful things about that career line. If you're not feeling chippy, I'll give it to you for free: 1) a sub-300 OBP, and 2) holy crap, his SLG is less than his OBP. That can't be right. Right?