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Koji Uehara Rejects Trade To Blue Jays

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Before signing reliever Francisco Cordero to a one-year deal earlier today, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers had been discussing a deal involving right-handed reliever Koji Uehara. The discussions between the clubs never advanced, obviously, and that was because Uehara rejected a trade to Toronto, according to Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas.

"Rangers reliever Koji Uehara refused a trade to the Toronto Blue Jays, according to a source. Uehara has a limited no-trade clause that includes six teams and Toronto is one of those.

Uehara spent most of the 2011 season with the Baltimore Orioles, and had much success - posting a 1.72 ERA across 47 innings of work with a 11.9 K/9 and 1.5 BB/9. He was then traded to the Rangers at the trade deadline, and despite improving his peripheral numbers to 11.5 K/9 and .5 BB/9 (23:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio), his ERA was at 4.00 with the Rangers.