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Red Sox Rumors: Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt, Fielder Fallout

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The Boston Red Sox are still trying to answer the Yankees mega-upgrades at starting pitcher and have inquired about Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt, according to Jon Heyman of (twitter). Heyman adds that they're looking at infielders as well, perhaps to fill the hole that jettisoning Marco Scutaro created:

  • Twitter / @JonHeymanCBS - "redsox have checked in with edwin jackson as well as oswalt. also looking at infielders"
  • Roy Oswalt or Gavin Floyd? - Over the Monster
    There are two legitimate and disparate paths here for Boston to take. Neither is the wrong answer, but it's likely the team wants to make sure they make the move that is the most right for both now and later. If it turns out that the rotation is already fine, and that the leftover Scutaro money is best held on to until, say, mid-season, when Boston knows precisely what they need to upgrade, then the answer they found was, "none of the above."
  • It might be Sox’ time to sign - Michael Silverman |
    "The Fielder signing could also work in the Red Sox’ favor in a different way. With the Tigers clearly geared toward winning a title in the next two to three years, a division foe such as the White Sox may realize that there is no logic to delaying their rebuilding project. That could mean lowering the asking price in return for bargaining chips such as starter Gavin Floyd, another name on the Red Sox’ shopping list."
  • What About Edwin Jackson? - Over the Monster
    "Jackson isn't as good as Roy Oswalt, and maybe not as good as Gavin Floyd, but at this stage, he likely would be cheaper than either: Oswalt is reportedly looking for around $8 million per year, and Floyd, while inexpensive monetarily in terms of the luxury tax, will cost the team in prospects. At the least, he is durable, averaging 208 innings per year over the last three years, and 202 over the last four, and his ERA+ since he left Tampa Bay is an above-average 108."
  • Prince Fielder's Deal Makes Adrian Gonzalez Look Even Better - Over the Monster
    "Gonzalez signed an extension for seven years and $154 million, adding on to the last year of his original contract with the Padres for a total of eight years and $159.5 million. That's $22 million a year if you just count from the extension onward, or $19.9 million if you put it all together. It's difficult to imagine the Red Sox getting Gonzalez for that low amount in a winter in which Pujols signed a 10-year deal, and the inferior Fielder was also awarded over $200 million and nearly a decade's worth of guaranteed work. "
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    Rosters, Salaries, Leadership, and Prospects for the entire Boston org.