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Roy Oswalt Rumors: Red Sox Have Made Offer; Rangers, Reds Speculation

The Boston Red Sox have made an offer to Roy Oswalt, according to Jon Heyman of Heyman adds that the Sox are not certain he will accept, noting that Oswalt rejected a deal to pitch in Detroit. He might prefer to play in Cincinnati (which fans note he would instantly be the 3rd best starter), or Texas, or St. Louis:

  • Twitter / @JonHeymanCBS - "redsox made offer to oswalt but are unsure hed go since hes yet to accept. he rejected det. may prefer cinc, tex, stl"
  • Roy Oswalt and Matt Harrison - Lone Star Ball
    "So what's the appeal of this move for the Rangers? It seems to me that, if they are really serious about adding Oswalt and having him replace Harrison in the rotation, it is either because 1) they believe 2011 was a fluke year for Harrison, or 2) they see what Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill and other good pitchers who are under team control are fetching on the trade market, and think they can replace Harrison's production while adding minor league talent. 1 and 2 aren't mutually exclusive, of course, and Texas could see Harrison as being at his peak value and wanting to move him now before he crashed back to earth."
  • Red Sox Rumors: Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt, Fielder Fallout - MLB Daily Dish
    The Boston Red Sox are still trying to answer the Yankees mega-upgrades at starting pitcher and have inquired about Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt, according to Jon Heyman of
  • Oswalt that ends Walt - Red Reporter
    "It's all probably moot, as the Reds don't really have the cash to give Oswalt. So this conversation is almost entirely hypothetical. But make no mistake about it: Roy Oswalt would easily be the 3rd best starter on this team if he were signed tomorrow. He is better than Homer Bailey. He is better than Mike Leake. Hell, I even made a bet yesterday that his '12 season will be better than Johnny Cueto's. I realize that's something of a reach, but jeez louise. This guy has been one the best and most durable starting pitchers of the last decade. It should go without saying that the Reds would be extremely fortunate to have him."