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Texas Rangers Favorites For Roy Oswalt?

Now that Prince Fielder has signed, there are only a few notable free agents that still haven't found a place to call home. Among them is starting pitcher Roy Oswalt, who many figured would have found a new employer by now. Many of us figured the Boston Red Sox were the front runners for Oswalt's services, especially after the club traded Marco Scutaro and freed up an additional $6 million in payroll.

However, it appears the Texas Rangers are the likely destination for Oswalt now, according to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who also reports the Cardinals made a bid.

Twitter / @JoeStrauss: "Hearing that Cards made bid approaching $5M on Oswalt weeks ago but not likely happening. Rangers probably win, at $2-3M more w/perks."

Seems a bit odd why the Rangers would be willing to offer $8 million with performance bonuses, considering they already need to "kick out" a starter into the bullpen. Perhaps this is why the club attempted to move reliever Koji Uehara, though, who is slated to earn $4 million in 2012.