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Baltimore Orioles Interested in Edwin Jackson

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Dan Connolly from the Baltimore Sun is reporting that the Baltimore Orioles have their eye on free agent right handed pitcher Edwin Jackson. They are still considered a long shot, however, but would be willing to offer him a four year deal.

He notes that the Orioles chances of signing Jackson will come down to money in the end. The only team to have reportedly offer Jackson a contract has been the Boston Red Sox, who have also offered a contract to Roy Oswalt yesterday.

With Prince Fielder signing in Detroit yesterday, it could be said that Jackson is the top free agent remaining, along with Oswalt. Jackson leads all free agent pitchers with over 190 innings pitched duringlast season.

Connolly also reports in his column that the Orioles are no longer likely to sign Johnny Damon, because they think Wilson Betemit can be a viable DH option for now.