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Mets Rumors: New York Is Looking At Lefty Outfielders

The New York Mets are looking at a variety of left-handed outfield options, according to Jerry Crasnick of The five names that Crasnick specifically mentions are Johnny Damon, Kosuke Fukudome, Rick Ankiel, Juan Pierre and Raul Ibanez.

At the moment, the Mets are expected to start Jason Bay and Lucas Duda on the outfield corners with Andres Torres filling in center. Scott Hairston is expected to be New York's fourth outfielder, but another option at the position could be useful. Bay is getting old, Torres had an underwhelming 2011 and Duda may be stretching himself in the outfield, so additional depth could be really useful.

Recently, I wrote up a post on the most obvious remaining options on the market for hitters, and it includes a few of the guys that the Mets are interested in. There isn't really an impact bat left on the market, but there are some intriguing bats that surely won't cost much to sign.