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Gerardo Concepción Close to Signing

Cuban lefty Gerardo Concepcion is close to signing a deal with a Major League club, according to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes. It's en espanol, but here's the relevant passage:

Jaime Torres, agente de Concepción, dijo que el juvenil lanzador zurdo tiene varias ofertas sobre la mesa y proyecta que un desenlace podría ocurrir en cualquier momento, probablemente en el fin de semana, pero más seguro la próxima semana.

A quick, junior-high level translation says: "Jaime (that's hi-may to you!) Torres, Concepción's agent, says that the young lefty has several offers on the table and one could be signed any moment, possibly this weekend, but more likely next week."

Rojas notes that while fellow Cuban-expatriate Yoenes Cepedes is likely to jump right into the Majors, Concepción will certainly see some time in the minors so he can acclimate to the competition first.

This follows rumors from earlier this week in which Concepción is rumored to be drawing interested from multiple teams.