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Phillies Sign Hunter Pence to a 1-Year, $10.4M Deal

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The Philadelphia Phillies have signed outfielder Hunter Pence to a 1-year, $10.4 million deal and avoid arbitration, according to Jon Heyman of Matt Gelb of the Inquirer had sad earlier this week that the negotiations were limiting the team's options in terms of pursuing further talent, so perhaps this clears the way for them to make another move (like signing Juan Pierre this morning).

Pence, 28, played most of his first 5 seasons with the Houston Astros, and with much success -- he's a career .292 / .343 / .485 hitter. Philly seems to agree with him, too, as he hit .324 in 54 games since being traded (small sample enthusiasts, activate!).

  • Phillies Sign Juan Pierre to Minor League Deal - MLB Daily Dish
    The Philadelphia Phillies are nearing a deal to sign free agent outfielder Juan Pierre (that's John Peter to you plebes) to a minor league contract, according to Jim Salisbury of CSN and confirmed by Jon Heyman of CBSSports.
  • Phillies Rumors: Replacing Valdez (Theriot?), Pence, Mayberry - MLB Daily Dish
    Buster Olney is speculating that the Phillies could be looking for Valdez's replacement and points to a possible candidate: Ryan Theriot. However, Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer says the club has limited options and presumably limited dollars to play with because of the distance between the team and Hunter Pence (reportedly $2.8 million):