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Giants Interested in Xavier Nady

The San Francisco Giants are interested in potentially signing Xavier Nady to a minor league deal, according to Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle. The interest is apparently mutual and a deal would likely come with a Spring Training invite. This follows a couple moves over the past day, as the Giants have just signed both Ryan Theriot and Clay Hensley.

Satchel Price noted for us just yesterday that Nady is one of the top slugger-types left on the market:

  • Twitter / @hankschulman - "Next name to watch for Giants: Xavier Nady. There's some mutual interest, but almost certainly on a minor-league deal + invite."
  • What's Left In The Slugger Market? - MLB Daily Dish
    Xavier Nady: It's been a long time since anybody thought that Xavier Nady could slug anything, but teams still seem to like him. He played quite well in 2008 with the Pirates and Yankees, hitting .305/.357/.510 with 25 home runs, but Tommy John surgery forced him to miss the 2009 season and he's been pretty bad since then. In 2011, he hit .248/.287/.359 in 223 plate appearances for the Arizona Diamondbacks.