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Diamondbacks, Montero Likely Headed to Hearing

The Arizona Diamondbacks and catcher Miguel Montero are likely headed to an arbitration hearing, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The hearing is set to take place Tuesday morning, where arbitrators would decide whether he makes the $6.8 million that Montero wants or the $5.4 million the Diamondbacks offered, assuming the two sides don't make a deal first.

Montero, 28, has played six seasons with the Diamondbacks and has a surpringly not-shabby-for-a-catcher career line of .271 / .338 / .451. He's played in more than half a season's games four times in his six seasons.

  • Diamondbacks' Montero: Headed to hearing? - Ken Rosenthal
    "A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday morning, and a settlement or long-term agreement is unlikely, sources say. The Diamondbacks view the Texas RangersMike Napoli as Montero’s biggest comparable. Montero’s agents at Octagon disagree, pointing out that Napoli is only a part-time catcher while Montero last season tied the CardinalsYadier Molina for the most starts at the position, 131."