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RUMOR: Nationals, White Sox Not Discussing Adam Dunn?

3:59 p.m. EST: From Jim Bowden of

There have been rumors that the Nats had interest in reacquiring Adam Dunn...Mike Rizzo confirmed to me today that there is NO TRUTH to it!

As we said before to everyone, this was simply a rumor that we were passing on from a single source as we tried to find confirmation. There was serious consideration put in on our part as to whether this rumor was worth posting, and ultimately we decided that it was worthwhile with the proper caveats. This is a rumor site, after all.

For now, we appreciate pretty much everyone for recognizing our efforts to convey these rumors as responsibly as possible. It was Kenny Williams that we were talking about, after all, and I still never quite get what the heck he's doing.

- Satchel Price

2:21 p.m. EST: The Washington Nationals are offering Drew Storen to the Chicago White Sox in an effort to bring back Adam Dunn, MLBDD has learned. We are still attempting to confirm with a second source.

The amount the White Sox would kick in to send Dunn back after an extremely disappointing 2011 campaign is the question. The White Sox signed him in 2010 to a 4-year, $56 million deal.

The potential trade comes after Prince Fielder signed with the Detroit Tigers, taking away the Nationals' primary off-season slugging target. Dunn did have success with the Nats for the two years he was there, hitting 76 home runs and driving in 208. Dunn, 32, is a career .243 / .374 / .503 hitter, clearly earning his value through walks and power, but 2011 was an unmitigated disaster for him -- he hit just .159 / .292 / .277 and bombed just 11.

Storen, 24, is a right-handed pitcher and has seen 130 innings over his first two seasons, earning a 3.10 ERA while closing for the Nats. His name has been attached to several rumors since at least last summer.

If the move happens -- and file it strictly under rumors for now -- it would be a clear signal the Nationals are moving into a win-now mode, and further signs the White Sox are looking to rebuild.

Again, this is strictly a rumor that we have not confirmed with a second source yet. We'll do so when we can.