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A Quick Note on the MLBDD Approach, Mission, and Goals

First of all, welcome to the thousands and thousands of new readers we're seeing every day -- you've been noticed and you are definitely appreciated. You being here tells us that we're on the right track. I want to personally thank you for coming and giving us even a split second of your time, I know that time is valuable.

Because your time is valuable, our mission here at MLB Daily Dish is to actively collect, sift through, measure, and deliver every single MLB trade rumor, signing, move, transaction and otherwise about every single team. We do that through various channels, but that means we're watching and tracking every significant national MLB writer, reporter, and analyst, every single baseball writer at every paper we can find, and every single beat writer for every team in the country. We then collate those tidbits into a hopefully coherent narrative, helping you try to make sense of all the noise.

Part of the whole rumors gig comes with the chance that sometimes we'll get something wrong, or we'll misreport something we're reading, or sometimes we'll just screw up. And part of the rumors gig means that we too are actively seeking out our own sources and reporting what we hear. Sometimes that means we'll have something that you won't hear elsewhere, or worse, is denied shortly thereafter. When a confirmed source gets something wrong, it will be corrected and updated. When one of our sources gets something wrong, or we're unable to prove what the source is saying, we'll let you know. But we can't, and shouldn't apologize for reporting what we're reading and hearing. That doesn't mean that we're in the business of delivering bullshit or we're out there actively attempting to deceive the marketplace. We're not, and never will.

So take this how you will -- MLBDD pledges to you that we will deliver rumors, reports, and analysis from the very best sources with proven track records. We will do it with complete transparency, with a link to every single source and direct quotes from those sources wherever possible (even when that means sometimes illegible twitterspeak). And when we're delivering something that we are being told outside those regular channels, they will be clearly marked and will be plastered with caveats saying as much. On top of that, we pledge to do all of this equally well or better than any and all competition that's out there. It's a big job but we're up to it.

Thanks again.