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Cincinnati Reds: What's Next? Brandon Phillips, Closer, Other Needs

Cincinnati has had something of an exciting season, but work yet remains. Mark Sheldon,'s beat reporter, says Walt Jocketty still needs to look at extending Brandon Phillips, a closer, a left-fielder, and an infielder. Meanwhile, Red Reporter has a great community outreach which describes the farm system as far from depleted, even after an active off-season in which Jocketty cashed in on his surplus:

  • A lot remaining on GM Walt Jocketty’s plate this off-season - Mark Sheldon
    There is a lot remaining on GM Walt Jocketty’s plate this off-season. There is the Brandon Phillips extension talks, the efforts to sign a closer, a left fielder and perhaps an infielder. There are six arbitration cases pending. There’s even little stuff like the expected signing of pitcher and Moeller product Andrew Brackman, which has been delayed from becoming official for some unknown reason.
  • 2012 Community Prospect Rankings: Votto Window™ Prospect Wasteland Edition - Red Reporter
    "But after years of gathering prospects, graduating a few to the major league club, and generally hoarding good young players, Walt Jocketty has (finally) cashed in on the talent surplus. The unfortunate side effect of this exciting offseason is a significantly depleted system, but the cupboard is far from bare. The system still has plenty of exciting players from rookie ball up to AAA."