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Prince Fielder Rumors: Nationals Meet With Boras, Opt-Out Clause Possible

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The Prince Fielder sweepstakes continues to be arguably the most fascinating thing going on in baseball right now, and slowly but surely it seems like we're getting closer to seeing a conclusion. One team that's constantly been mentioned as a possible match for Fielder is the Washington Nationals, and according to Bill Ladson of, Nationals ownership recently met with Fielder's agent, Scott Boras.

Ladson notes that the Lerner family will be making the final decision on what kind of offer to make to Fielder, if there's any offer at all, so one could view this meeting as a potential step towards completing a deal. The Nationals appear to be making a run for contention after trading top prospects to Oakland for lefty pitcher Gio Gonzalez, and adding Fielder could vault them to near the top of the National League.

One potential wrench in discussions could be Boras' apparent desire to have an opt-out clause included in Fielder's next contract, as Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting that Boras is seeking one. Those kind of clauses typically benefit players, like we've seen with Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia, but it's worth noting that some teams may not be opposed to having Fielder for just a few years at something like $25 million annually.