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St. Louis Cardinals Interested In Roy Oswalt?

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There are numerous teams looking at the possibility of signing free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt to a one-year deal, and Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is reporting that the St. Louis Cardinals are one of those teams. Cafardo notes that the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are showing interest in addition to St. Louis, but Oswalt does admittedly seem like an odd fit for the Cardinals.

Coming into the offseason, the pitching rotation has seemed like one area that the Cardinals wouldn't need to address. Their current rotation- Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Jaime Garcia, Jake Westbrook and Kyle Lohse- would be the envy of the vast majority of teams. And going beyond the sheer quality of the team's pitchers, they're awfully expensive, too.

But with Albert Pujols leaving St. Louis, the Cardinals have had a huge chunk of payroll to play around with, and that's apparently left them turning over nearly every stone. The team has already re-signed shortstop Rafael Furcal and added Carlos Beltran to the outfield, and management may view the rotation as a potential area for upgrades given an essentially set lineup of position players.