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Is Casey Kotchman A Fit With The Baltimore Orioles?

First baseman Casey Kotchman has to be wondering what he has to do to get a job. Kotchman had the best year of his career in 2011 as he hit .306/.378/.422 with 10 HR's in 563 plate appearances for the Tampa Bay Rays.

But despite his career season, Kotchman hasn't had many suitors this offseason. The Cleveland Indians were in on Kotchman earlier this offseason, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. There was an outside chance that Kotchman could have ended up back with the Rays, but they went out and signed Carlos Pena.

While those two windows have presumably closed on Kotchman, another one might be opening.

According to Roch Kubatko of, the Baltimore Orioles have discussed the possibility of bringing Kotchman on board for the 2012 season. Kutbatko is reporting the Orioles would like to add another hitter and Kotchman could be that guy.

I can always appreciate a team covering all their bases and looking to bring in players to improve their roster. However, if the Orioles would like to improve their roster, I am not sure Kotchman is the best fit.

Yes, Kotchman had a career year in 2011, but his success was inflated by a rather high BABIP (.335). i think it is unrealistic to expect Kotchman to repeat that luck in 2012.

With Kotchman unlikely to repeat his 2011 season, all he becomes is another good-glove, no-hit first baseman, which is something the Orioles don't need. The Orioles need to give the recently signed Wilson Betemit a shot at DH and Chris Davis, who had a decent showing as an Orioles in 31 games last season, a shot at first.

We had Betemit as one of the top "low-risk, high-reward" free agents remaining a couple of weeks ago and the Orioles did a good job of scooping him up. Betemit has a career OPS of .784 and deserves a shot to hit everyday. Having him be a utility player would be a waste.

If the Orioles really want to acquire another hitter, they should look for an upgrade in left field. I am not sure Endy Chavez or Nolan Reimold is the answer.