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Blue Jays and Mariners Discussed Pineda Trade

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Jeff Blair from the Globe and Mail reports that before the Seattle Mariners traded Michael Pineda to the New York Yankees for Jesus Montero, they discussed trading the young right hander to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Jays GM Alex Anthropolous has hinted at Blue Jays young players being coveted by other teams, and the M's asked for third baseman Brett Lawrie in return for Pineda. The Jays said no, and thus ended all discussions on acquiring him.

Lawrie had been drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers and came up in their system, but in the off season of 2010 the Brewers traded him to his home country of Canada with the Jays for pitcher Shaun Marcum. After the talks with him and Pineda broke off, the Mariners were able to obtain young hitter Montero, one of the top prospects in Major League Baseball.

It's not too surprising that the Blue Jays did not want to part with Lawrie, but the Mariners may have won by not making that trade, and instead getting Montero.