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Davey Johnson Wants Harper in Right Field

Jon Heyman from CBS Sports reports that Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson wants Nats prospect Bryce Harper to start in right field next season.

Harper, who got as far as Double A last season, played in the outfield the entire time. Before becoming a pro, he had played infield and catcher before. Johnson stated not only that he wants him playing right field, but being the right fielder for the Nationals from the get go.

Harper was the Nationals first over all pick just two years ago, being drafted when he was 17 years old and played in community college in Nevada after a successful high school career. He has excelled at every level he has been at, including the Arizona Fall League in November.

A lot of people expected Harper to play in Triple A this season, but if he proves himself in spring training this season, it seems like the starting job is his.