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Rangers GM Jon Daniels On Mike Napoli, Prince Fielder, Bullpen, Yu Darvish

The Texas Rangers have a lot on their plate right now, as the team continues to negotiate with Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish after winning the posting process. Meanwhile, Rangers GM Jon Daniels spoke with's T.R. Sullivanon other things involving the Rangers, such as Mike Napoli, Prince Fielder, Yu Darvish and the team's bullpen...

  • The Rangers and Mike Napoli had been discussing a long-term deal, but Daniels says they are far apart right now. While they won't close the door on an extension, the two sides will focus on a one-year deal for now.
  • Daniels also made it clear the team isn't interested in free-agent slugger Prince Fielder. Fielder is looking for a mega deal, and the team isn't looking for major signings outside of bringing over Yu Darvish.
  • After losing left-handed reliever Darren Oliver to the Blue Jays, the Rangers will be looking to upgrade their bullpen, specifically with a southpaw.
  • Last but not least, Daniels commented on the Darvish negotiations, saying that it'll likely last until the final day. Daniels didn't comment on any financial figures, however.