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NL West Minor League Signings: Mike Jacobs, Josh Fields, Adam Thomas

Baseball America's Matt Eddy and Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein reported a ton of signings throughout the day yesterday. Since we couldn't get to them all, I used some down time to organize the signings division-by-division; without further ado, let's check out the NL West signings...

  • The Arizona Diamondbacks signed first baseman Mike Jacobs to a minor league deal, reports Matt Eddy. As Eddy notes, Jacobs will need to serve the fifty-game suspension after testing positive for HGH this past summer.
  • Former White Sox prospect third baseman Josh Fields has signed a minor league deal to join the Los Angeles Dodgers, reports Kevin Goldstein.
  • Like Fields, former Marlin pitcher Ryan Tucker will also join the Los Angeles Dodgers on a minor league pact, reports Kevin Goldstein. KG notes Tucker was once among the top farm hands in the Marlins system, but never developed a second pitch.
  • Last but not least, the San Francisco Giants signed right-handed pitcher Adam Thomas to a minor league deal, reports Matt Eddy. As Eddy notes, Thomas sat out '08 and '10, though he did pitch in the Atlantic League last year.