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Boston Red Sox Pursuing Paul Maholm, "Low-Cost" Starters

We know a return to Pittsburgh is unlikely for Paul Maholm, but that doesn't mean the free-agent doesn't have several suitors. According to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal, several teams are in on Maholm, including the Cubs, Orioles, Mariners and Red Sox. Now the question is where will the southpaw land?

Maholm, 29, posted a 3.66 ERA across 162 innings of work with a 5.38 K/9 and 2.77 BB/9 last season. The Pirates granted the 29-year-old Maholm free agency after declining his $9.75 million club option

Earlier today, Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington told Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe the club is pursuing more than one "low-cost" starting pitcher. Maholm, 29, could make sense for the team as he is younger than Hiroki Kuroda and Joe Saunders, and only a year older than Edwin Jackson. Meanwhile Maholm wouldn't require a multi-year commitment like the other three pitchers and would without a doubt require the lowest deal in monetary value.