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Reds Notes: Scott Rolen, Minor Moves, Looking for Outfielder, Francisco Cordero

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The Cincinnati Reds are hoping for the best at 3rd (btw, "hope" and "hoping" are two things fans least like to read, I think), making some minor moves, and potentially adding an outfielder. After the jump we have earlier rumors on the club adding Francisco Cordero and a good question from Grant Brisbee at Baseball Nation:

  • Reds are hoping for healthy options at the hot corner - Mark Sheldon
    "While the going-for-it Reds have made moves to improve their chances in the upcoming season, it will also be a pivotal one personally for Rolen. He's entering the final year of a three-year extension, which is paying him $6.5 million."
  • Twitter / @Reds -
    "#Reds invite to camp P Gallagher, Horst, Reineke, Tanner & Texeira; C Esposito & Miller; OF Daryl Jones. Jenkins named asst. pitching coach."
  • Heisey welcomes the chance - John Fay
    "The Reds continue to try to add an outfielder. But the economic reality is the club would be hard pressed to do better than Heisey, especially if he can come close to replicating the numbers he put up last season over 550-plus at-bats."
  • Cincinnati Reds Pursuing Francisco Cordero, Outfield Help - MLB Daily Dish
    After moving flame thrower Aroldis Chapman into the starting rotation, the Cincinnati Reds replaced him with another southpaw in Sean Marshall. Now, however, the Reds are hoping they won't need to replace their other high-leverage reliever in Francisco Cordero.
  • Did The Reds Use Their Trade Chips Wisely? - Baseball Nation
    "So let's step back into the land of hypotheticals. The Reds had two young catchers that a lot of teams coveted; the Reds had two young first basemen that a lot of teams coveted. They were right to explore trades. They would have been insane not to. But did they do the right thing by trading their two biggest chips for a starting pitcher, and a chunk of their organizational depth for a reliever? Grandal and Alonso were kind of their 401(k). They'll always wonder if they cashed out and retired at the right time. Jack McKeon joke."
  • Red It, Watched It, And Wept - Week of 1/6/12 - Red Reporter
    "This is the darkest time of the year for baseball fans. Not only is Spring Training as far away as the previous season is in the rear-view mirror, but there is little news to report on. Heck, even MLB Trade Rumors is trying to re-circulate speculation on whether or not the Reds will re-sign Dontrelle Willis. You could go on the Reds' SBNation site, but the commenters there are preoccupied with basketball, hamburgers, and reenacting selected scenes from "Lord of the Flies." The only good news is that John Fay is back on his daily grind."