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Prince Fielder Rumors: Nationals, Mariners

It is now January ninth and Prince Fielder still does not have a place in MLB to call home. What are the rumors for him today? Read below to find out.

  • Peter Gammons from says that the Washington Nationals may be the only right fit for Prince Fielder now with their local media rights deal, like Albert Pujols did.
  • Dave Cameron from Fan Graphs and U.S.S Mariner blog writes that while right now the Seattle Mariners project as a 75 win team, signing Prince Fielder could push them to over .500
  • TJ Doyle from SBNation DC reports that Prince Fielder's father, Cecil, thinks that his son very well could sign with the Washington Nationals.
  • John Perrotto from Baseball Prospectus takes a look at the top remaining free agents, and a scout tells him that if they could sign Fielder then it would be done in a heart beat. The scout describes him as one of the top players in the game.