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Texas Rangers Offer Yu Darvish 'Dice-K Money'

According to Jon Heyman from CBS Sports, the Texas Rangers are offering Yu Darvish "Dice-K money". The deal, however, is still not close and the Rangers are running out of time with their negotiating window. Daisuke Matsuzaka got $52 million over six years from the Boston Red Sox and currently has one year left in that deal.

The Rangers have until January 18th at 5pm to sign Darvish, who they won the bid for by bidding $51 million to talk to Darvish exclusively, which was slightly more than what the Red Sox offered to talk with Matsuzaka.

If the Rangers and Darvish do not come to an agreement, that money would be returned to the Rangers. Darvish would also be returned back to the Nippon Ham Fighters and would not pitch in the major leagues this season. It is not clear if the Rangers have offered Darvish up to five or six years, but it can be assumed it is around that.