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Diamondbacks may look to trade Kubel or Parra

One of the two left fielders may be playing elsewhere in 2013.

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In addition to looking at sending outfielders Chris Young and Justin Upton away this offseason, the Arizona Diamondbacks may also consider trading one of their two left fielders, Jason Kubel or Gerardo Parra, reports Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic:

The question the Diamondbacks seem to be weighing is whether they’re a better team with Kubel in left or with Gerardo Parra, who was the starting left fielder for most of 2011, the year he won a Gold Glove and the team won the NL West.

"They’re two different kinds of players," General Manager Kevin Towers said Thursday. "One is more of a defender. The other one is more of a power guy. In a perfect world, they both fit, but I think it just depends on the rest of our club."

Towers also told Piecoro that what the team ends up doing with Kubel and Parra will largely be determined by what they do this winter with the left side of the infield. If the club picks up a defense-heavy shortstop and/or third baseman, they will probably keep Kubel on the squad. If they manage to pick up a big bat, then Parra would be a better fit in left.

Kubel, 30, was signed by the Diamondbacks to a two-year deal before the 2012 season. The veteran outfielder performed well in his first year in Arizona, hitting .253/.327/.506 with thirty home runs in one hundred forty-one games.

Parra, 25, was a Gold Glove winner in left field for the D’Backs in 2011 but lost his starting job to Kubel this year nonetheless. Injuries to Justin Upton and Chris Young allowed Parra to still play in one hundred thirty-three games this season, and the young Venezuelan hit .273/.335/.392 with seven home runs in his fourth outfielder role.