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Colorado considering Jason Giambi for manager

The Rockies may interview the veteran slugger this week.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

The Colorado Rockies are giving serious consideration to first baseman Jason Giambi as a candidate to take over the team's open managerial position, reports Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

Jason Giambi remains a candidate for the Rockies' manager job until he's ruled out.

It's possible that he will interview this week as the club tries to decide whether to stay in-house or pursue external coaches such as Sandy Alomar Jr., Tim Wallach and Brad Ausmus.

The 41-year-old Giambi has spent the last four seasons in Colorado, playing primarily in a bench role. Renck posits that while Giambi has been on the Rockies' active roster, most of his time in Colorado has been as a coach-in-training.

Renck adds that the public perception of Giambi as a "party-boy" no longer fits the reality of the situation, and that the veteran would likely be a great asset in handling the Colorado clubhouse environment. Giambi has already worked with several young hitters since his arrival in Colorado in 2009.

Age has sapped Giambi of most of his power but he has still demonstrated stellar plate discipline when given the opportunity. The once-slugging veteran appeared in just sixty games for the Rockies this year, hitting .225/.372/.303 with a single home run in one hundred thirteen plate appearances.

Giambi underwent hernia surgery last week to keep his playing options open, but will likely retire if given the opportunity to manage.