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Alex Rodriguez trade rumors: New York Yankees talking trade with Miami Marlins?

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

The New York Yankees have held trade discussions involving third baseman Alex Rodriguez with the Miami Marlins, reports Keith Olbermann of

The New York Yankees have held discussions with the Miami Marlins about a trade involving their third baseman in crisis, Alex Rodriguez.

Sources close to both organizations tell Olbermann that one version of the potential deal would have the Yankees paying all of Rodriguez’s remaining salary. A-Rod is under contract for the next five seasons for a whopping total of $114 million.

Another version would see the Yankees pay less but take on reliever Heath Bell and the three years and $27 million remaining on his current contract. Olbermann notes there’s been no indication on how serious these discussions have or haven’t gotten, but one source said they believe the deal will eventually be made in some form.

Rodriguez is one of several highly-priced veterans currently on the Yankees' roster. His offensive production dropped off for the fifth season in a row in 2012, as the 37-year-old hit .272/.353/.430 with 17 doubles and 18 home runs over 463 at-bats.