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Alex Rodriguez trade rumors: Marlins or Yankees winners?

Would the Yankees or Marlins be the winners of the proposed trade involving Alex Rodriguez?

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday’s rumor involving a trade of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez to the Miami Marlins caused quite a stir. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has since come out and denied the initial report, characterizing it as "not true."

Keith Olbermann, who published the initial report, shot back saying Cashman "may not know about any of this." Some around the game question the validity of the report, but do seem to think a change of scenery of some sort may be in store for the declining yet expensive Rodriguez.

One of the deals Olbermann posed would have Rodriguez shipped to Miami with New York picking up his entire remaining tab. That would be $114 million over five seasons.

The other version of the trade would see the Yankees eating less of A-Rod’s salary, but they would also take on the $27 million remaining on Marlins right-hander Heath Bell’s contract.

Considering the potential deals that have been reported, who would win? Also, which deal do you favor if you are the Yankees/Marlins?