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Rangers rumors: Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz

Could the Rangers trade Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler or Nelson Cruz this winter?

Tom Pennington

Considering they seem to look at any and every opportunity to improve their club, the Texas Rangers could consider trading shortstop Elvis Andrus, outfielder Nelson Cruz and second baseman Ian Kinsler this winter, reports Richard Durrett of

One thing we know about the Rangers' front office: They'll look at any and every opportunity to improve the club. Some teams might shut the door before it opens when discussing certain players. Not Texas.

The emergence of top shortstop prospect Jurickson Profar has many questioning the merit of trading Andrus in order to fill another area of need, specifically starting pitching. While Profar could play into the decision, Durrett says both he and Andrus can be starters for the Rangers.

When Kinsler signed his contract extension with the club he said he’d be willing to switch positions. If he moves to the outfield it would allow Profar to man second base.

If the Rangers decide to hang onto Andrus, Durrett believes it would make Cruz more likely to be dealt. He has one year and $11 million remaining on his current contract. The power is certainly there, but the outfielder has struggled with injury and inconsistency throughout his career.

While Kinsler’s extension could make a trade more difficult, Durrett also mentions the possibility of the team listening to offers for him. He admits that Kinsler isn’t likely to be moved, but he wouldn’t rule out the possibility.