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Yankees rumors: Nick Swisher to receive qualifying offer, but likely done in New York

New York will make an offer to Swisher, but for the purpose of protecting a draft pick.

Pound it, bro.
Pound it, bro.
Nick Laham

The New York Yankees are expected to offer outfielder Nick Swisher a qualifying offer around $13 million, but expect the veteran switch-hitter to sign elsewhere, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

The Yankees are still planning to make a qualifying offer of about $13.5 million to free agent Nick Swisher, but only to protect the draft choice, not with any hope or expectation he'd accept the offer and return to the Bronx.

While Swisher generally had a nice four-year run in the Bronx, the Yankees are ready to move on after a fourth straight postseason of struggle for Swisher.

There is always a chance that Swisher, 31, will accept the Yankee's one-year deal, but he is expected to receive multi-year offers elsewhere so his returning to New York seems unlikely. The Yankees have yet to make a final decision on the situation, but if the team really wants to stay under the luxury tax threshold they will have to explore other, cheaper options.

Swisher has had four productive, eerily similar seasons in New York. In his time with the Yankees, the veteran outfielder hit .268/.367/.483 with one hundred five home runs, putting up between 23-29 home runs a year and averaging an OPS+ of 124.