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Jason Giambi will have second manager meeting with Rockies

Giambi is now seen as a "legitimate" candidate to take over as Rockies' manager.

Doug Pensinger

Jason Giambi is a "legitimate" candidate for the Colorado Rockies’ managerial vacancy and may very well be a top contender for the position, reports Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

Giambi's candidacy went from intriguing to legitimate after his impressive interview Thursday. He is expected to have another meeting, likely with general manager Dan O'Dowd and owner Dick Monfort.

The Rockies aren't even sure they will look at outside candidates anymore, a hint of how seriously they are taking Giambi.

Renck posits that while it may seem strange for the Rockies to look so seriously into a candidate who has yet to even retire -- especially a player with a past like Giambi's -- that the veteran slugger has turned a new leaf since his arrival in Denver three years ago.

With his transition to being a full-time bench player, Giambi had much more time to talk strategy with the recently-resigned Jim Tracy and fellow managerial candidate Tom Runnells. The quick success of first-time managers Mike Matheny and Robin Ventura may also play a part in the seriousness of Giambi's candidacy. According to Renck, the Rockies' front office has a tight leash on the manager's responsibilities as well, making Giambi's leap from player directly to manager not as large as it would be with other clubs.