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Cubs' LaHair sets trade probability at 50/50

The 2012 All-Star believes his chances of staying in Chicago hinge on the flip of a coin.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Chicago Cubs first baseman and right fielder Bryan LaHair believes there is a good chance of his being traded this offseason, reports Doug Padilla of ESPN Chicago. The 29-year-old All-Star turned role player agreed with Padilla's sentiment that the likelihood of his returning to Chicago stands at 50/50:

"I would definitely say that," LaHair said. "I haven’t heard of anything like that from the horse’s mouth, Theo or Jed or any of those guys.

"I would say that there is a possibility there is a team out there that would want me to play every day. I would say that. Moving forward I don’t know what they want and how they would evaluate me at this point and if I will be here next year."

The Cubs' starting first baseman for the first half of the season -- a .286/.364/.519 line through mid-July leading to his first All-Star appearance -- LaHair cooled off in the second half and found himself benched in favor of the younger Anthony Rizzo. After starting sixty-one of the team's first eighty-five games, LaHair started just twenty-four games following the All-Star break, receiving most of his playing time in right field.

If LaHair remains with the club it is unlikely he will have an everyday role, but he could find that opportunity elsewhere if the Cubs are willing to let him go. LaHair told Padilla he would love the chance to play every day but that he is "on board 100 percent" with whatever his role ends up being.