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Alfonso Soriano rumors: Orioles, Rays, Indians, Blue Jays

Will Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano appeal to an AL team in need of a DH this winter?

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After a productive 2012 campaign, there could be a market for Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano this offseason. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe believes the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians or Toronto Blue Jays could be a fit for the veteran slugger:

After finishing with 32 homers and 108 RBI, it appears the Cubs should have suitors for him this offseason. Soriano makes so much sense for a team like the Rays as their DH, especially since Theo Epstein would pick up most of the final two years of Soriano’s deal. Soriano could also help the Blue Jays, Orioles, or Indians.

Cubs president Theo Epstein said last week that he is open to trading Soriano this winter. While this doesn’t come as any surprise considering the state of the Cubs, Soriano’s age and the enormity of his remaining contract, Epstein did say that he’s not simply going to unload him.

Chicago would have been much more willing to do so last offseason, like how they paid veteran right-hander Carlos Zambrano to pitch elsewhere. But after Soriano hit .262/.322/499 with 33 doubles and 32 home runs this season, the Cubs don’t feel a need to move him.

The 36-year-old reportedly showed defensive improvement and had a good impact on the Cubs’ young clubhouse this season, but he is still owed $36 million over the next two seasons.