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Blue Jays will not let John Farrell go to Boston, for now...

Toronto brass says it has no intention of letting John Farrell join the Red Sox.

Abelimages - Getty Images

The Toronto Blue Jays have no desire to let manager John Farrell join their division rivals in Boston, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

Blue Jays people are still suggesting to reporters and baseball people behind the scenes that they have no intention of letting their manager, John Farrell, go to the rival Red Sox.

The Blue Jays made it policy last year when the Red Sox came calling for Farrell that they don't allow their employees to move for lateral jobs.

While the Red Sox have made no formal indication of their desire to take Farrell from Toronto, their interest in hiring the Blue Jays' skipper has been reported for some time. It has been suggested that if the Blue Jays do in fact part with Farrell that it will cost the Red Sox at least a "decent" player.

Heyman suggests that the Blue Jays should at least listen in on what Boston has to offer in exchange for Farrell, as the last two years have not exactly gone as well as hoped for in Toronto. Farrell has one year left on his contract with the Blue Jays, reasonably making this offseason the last chance Toronto has to get anything in return for his services.