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Blue Jays-Marlins Trade: Miami receiving prospect Anthony DeSclafani, sending cash

Tom Szczerbowski

More details are slowly leaking out on one of the biggest trades of all time, the Miami Marlins-Toronto Blue Jays megatrade which would upon confirmation from MLB send Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle to Toronto in exchange for Jake Marisnick and Henderson Alvarez.

There was some question whether Marisnick was actually one of the players the Marlins were getting in return. Juan Rodriguez of the Miami Sun Sentinel puts that question to rest and adds that the Marlins are also sending $4 million:

It doesn't stop there! The Marlins will receive catcher Jeff Mathis:

As the details still trickle out -- and the fallout in Miami, both with the players and the fans -- keep checking back in. I expect this will be one of those things that where we won't really see the full impact of this unbelievably huge deal for some time.

Oh, and MLB still needs to confirm it.